A discussion of the importance of handgun control

Sadly, though nothing has changed. Liberals and populists generally favor more gun laws. The public also remains evenly divided about banning assault rifles.

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When asked if they would be "opposed to a law that would make it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns" 48 percent said they were in favor of that law and 49 percent were opposed [source: As demonstrated in the film: With the continued support of gun control enthusiasts and their labored attempts to turn politicians and the government on to their cause, gun control policies will continue to be considered as long as they adhere to the Second Amendment statutes and do not infringe upon civil liberties.

Some took their own lives before the police could even respond to the scene. The legal question is the interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U. As a result, the number of mass killings in the Land Down Under has been reduced, if not completely eradicated.

The researchers indicate that compared to other countries with a similar level of wealth, the United States has neither the highest rate of gun ownership nor significantly higher rates of homicide or general violence. The national legislation remains pending on the Senate calendar.

This portrayal by the media, has made handguns and other firearms seem fashionable in the eyes of our youth and general population in North America.

The law's provisions included a first-in-the-nation statewide dangerous weapon offender registry, a ban on the sale of large-capacity magazines, universal background checks for gun sales, and a ban on assult weapons. It is interesting to note, however, that despite this rather smart take on gun use, there are people who go beyond the set perimeters.

Gun Control in America: Student Discussion Guide

The legislative priority behind gun control is simply to enact certain policies and regulations that restrict firearms with the overall purpose of reducing crime rates in the United States.

University of Chicago Press ]. Other notable differences in the literature is Mauser's view for the differences in the gun-control legislation between the two countries.

Listen to the conclusions of a panel of researchers who presented at Johns Hopkins University - Bloomberg School of Public Health data on gun violence and the effectiveness of gun regulations. We can all take measures to be responsible in using guns and in convincing people to buy only when they use guns in their line of duty.

However, at the very least, gun control regulations are in place and are to be obeyed under the law, giving pro gun control advocates the undeniable fact that their efforts are not in vain. The presentation, Guns and Public Health and Safetyis 53 minutes long. To eliminate due process because the system itself is inefficient or not properly utilized is short sighted and wrong.

Zimmerman was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter in July Lafayette LA, 3 killed, 9 injured June Though some of the findings can not be absolutely substantiated, firearm regulations have proven to be effective in some cases.

Some of the restrictions that have been proposed or enacted into law include background checks and waiting periods for individuals who want to purchase a firearm, regulation of secondary market sales, mandatory child-safety locks, child-access prevention laws, concealment laws, bans on small and lightweight guns, and a controversial ban on assault weapons.

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Kennett of Trent University, they looked at the use of firearms in Canadian homicides between the years of Gun control has been an issue that has been vehemently battled on both sides of the argument, those supporting gun control and those supporting gun rights.

For one, Sproule and Kennettindicate that gun ownership in the United States is "inversely related to individuals lack of confidence in collective institutions to protect their security of person and property Both Canada and the United States were originally English colonies, and both have historically had similar patterns of immigration.

Look for buzzwords like "enforce existing gun laws," which implies not passing any NEW gun laws. No personality should own a gun just for caprice. Kennett, they compared the incidence of killings by handguns, firearms other than handguns, and nonshooting methods between the United States and Canada for the years to Do you agree with his conclusions.

It is safe to say that gun control has saved the lives of potential innocent victims of crime. Other people argue that they need firearms because they use it for self-defense. A factor to be considered, though, is our national heritage or culture which holds traditions of passiveness and peace unlike the American Frontier heritage.

They acquire a license for it, and as such, they are expected to use their weapons only when the need arises. Senate rejected vital elements of Obama's proposed national legislation including background-check provisions, a ban on rapid-firing assault weapons and limits on the size of ammunition clips.

Perhaps one of the laws having the most profound impact recently was the passing of the Brady Handgun Control Act which is now in affect in 32 states. This act requires a waiting period for the purchase of a handgun as well as background check system to.

Overview of the Gun Control Debate The term gun control as it is used in the United States refers to any action taken by the federal government or by state or local governments to regulate, through legislation, the sale, purchase, safety, and use of handguns and other types of firearms by individual citizens.

The U.S. gun control debate is controversial and multifaceted. Learn about 10 of the big questions in the U.S. gun control debate at HowStuffWorks. The U.S. gun control debate is controversial and multifaceted.

10 Big Questions in the U.S. Gun Control Debate

Learn about 10 of the big questions in the U.S. gun control debate at HowStuffWorks. Argument Guns Poison Power. Against such powerful points, gun control advocates assert that by undermining our ability to arm, we allow complete government despotism a greater chance of reality.

Pro gun control: Yeah, but many other times this question has been brought up in a court of law, there's been a clear and consistent pattern, according to the nonpartisan.

A discussion of the importance of handgun control
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